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Plotting vectors again


I still can’t draw very well at all, that’s why I plot vectors!
Above is a 2D interpretation of Romero Britto’s “Big Temptation” sculpture. I started with a basic profile image of the sculpture and used Photoshop and Inkscape to trace it into a vector image. From there I did the same things mentioned in my Trinket contest post. See below for a video showing my 3D printer print parts of this image; it’s quite fascinating to watch.

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Pen-plotting for the Hack a Day/Adafruit Trinket Contest


On October 21 the Hack a Day blog announced a contest where readers can slap the blog’s logo on something and win Trinkets that were supplied by Adafruit Industries. There were twenty 41 Trinkets to give away in this contest and preference was given to both the smallest and largest of the entries. The deadline was November 1st and being the busy college student that I was with not much time on my hands, I decided to just sit back and watch the entries roll in.

At around 9pm on October 31, with only three hours left in this contest, I suddenly got the urge to enter. Not a minute later I came up with a very simplistic idea for a universal pen plotter based off my 3D printer and the software I normally use with it.

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