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You may have heard of the Raspberry Pi Linux computer. It’s a friendly little device, about the size of a credit card, with an ARM11 processor and about half a gig of ram. Simply being a Linux computer, as it is, it can do just about anything, including hosting a WordPress blog on the World Wide Web.

Now, a Raspberry Pi web server is nothing compared to the web servers you may frequent. However, with a little config editing, a generous swap space, and full operation from a hard drive disk (as oppose to a flash SD card), you can get a pretty peppy and long-lasting server capable of hosting a small WordPress blog like this. Yes, The Stuff We Build is hosted on such a system. (With network support from CloudFlare.)

Htop in Putty SSH
Htop in Putty SSH


  • Case – Originally a “Twisted pair video transmitter“, refinished and hacked a bit to make everything fit. Made from 2mm thick aluminum.  Depth = 150mm, Height = 40mm, Width = 215mm
  • Power supply – Original to the case, it supplies +12v, +5v, 0v, and -12v rails. It also included the fused IEC connector.
  • Cooling – One 30mm fan with optional 5v regulator for use on the otherwise unused +12v rail.
  • Storage – (OS) One 500GB Seagate 5400RPM HDD with high-speed SATA to USB adapter. (Boot) One 16GB Kingston Class 10 Micro SD card.
  • Computing – One Raspberry Pi Model-B 512MB Linux board with an ARM11 family core. Clock speed idles at 700MHz and peaks at 1GHz when necessary.
  • Rear – IEC mains power input, USB host keystone jack, Cat5e Ethernet keystone jack, HDMI service port (available only with cover off).
  • Front – An amber HDD access light (dim = idle, bright = access) hacked directly to the SATA to USB adapter. A green power light for reading the state of the Pi’s 5v rail.


An extra special shout out goes to Ste, the creator of Dingleberry Pi (Now Ste Wright Web Development), for creating awesome tutorials that enable anyone to get started web hosting on a Raspberry Pi. Ste’s site is hosted on Pi as well.

10 thoughts on “Raspberry Pi Web Server”

  1. I really love this project!!!!
    I’m creating something similar, but I didn’t find a usb-sata adapter that works properly with pi. Which one do you use?

    1. The USB-SATA adapter I used was from an old Western Digital portable hard drive (2.5in). I gutted it, ditched the case, and put in my own 500GB HDD in place of the old 320GB one (both 2.5in).

  2. I’m willing to use 128GB SD Card which is lying around in my house. Is it worth to use it for 24 hours for a year, I don’t want it to get corrupted. Please give your suggestions.

    1. Since this webserver’s OS is running entirely off a USB harddrive, the raspberry Pi’s microsd card is only really accessed once during boot. Google “boot raspberry pi from usb” to learn how to set this up. My microsd card only has a couple kilobytes of text and config files on it.
      I have not tested long-term stability of a raspberry pi web server on flash storage otherwise.

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