Huxley 3D Printer

The RepRapPro Huxley 3D printer is an indispensable tool I built as a kit and find myself using quite a lot.


I previously owned a Makerbot Thing-o-Matic, but needed something more. The RepRapPro Huxley, sold by RepRapPro, was my first pick. Its small desktop foot print, large build volume, and the fact that is a RepRap is what gravitated me toward it.

I got my Huxley printing in a mere two days from kit form and I time-lapsed the whole thing from above. Check it out.

After-kit Upgrades

Here are a few upgrades I printed on my Huxley, for the Huxley itself.

Those last three items are made from my own need with the exception of the fan mount. That is a derivative I made from a design from drdpj on Thingiverse.

Among these and a few other addons/upgrades, added later in the printer’s life were a glass heat bed, GT2 belts and pulleys, and a new custom X-carriage that I made.

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