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Using a Trinket to control a stepper motor with acceleration – Dorm automation

After almost four years living in university dorms, I am left aching to hack a place of my own. As expected, I eventually decided to automate my dorm room window blinds.

What came of it was a fanciful bit of ultra-lightweight Arduino code.
Be sure to visit the full write-up page for more details.

At the heart of this CommandStrip-stuck gadget is one original Adafruit Trinket microcontroller sporting a feeble ATTiny85. It sits next to a generic A3988 stepper motor driver.

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Hard Drive Solenoid Engine With Trinket


Solenoid engines are nothing new, though they still seem to be a fairly common project among the curious. Using a hard drive makes such a project much more simple and straight forward, that is if you want to keep it that way.

This solenoid engine uses a software control loop (code below) running on a 16MHz Adafruit Trinket to adjust its speed. The program specifically alternates between a modest 180RPM to a smashing 3000RPM every five or ten seconds! Watch the video below!

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Fixing the Symptom, Not the Cause – The Smallest Trinket Project


My (not so) fancy-like PC has recently developed this issue where it, regardless what the power settings are set to, will always go to sleep within one or two minutes of inactivity. I found this to be an incredibly large nuisance when it came to watching videos, 3D printing something over USB , or just brainstorming in front of the keyboard basking in the warm glow of the monitor; the PC will never fail to go to sleep after a mere matter of seconds.
After much wasted time in the many Power Options windows, and after hunting through old, seemingly irrelevant forums, I have decided to bring yet another Adafruit Trinket to the rescue.

In less than a dozen lines of code, I got the Trinket to “poke” the mouse once every 59 seconds. The net movement is 0 pixels over time, and the “poke” occurs in a matter of a few clock cycles.
Check out the code below:

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Introducing the Trinket Auto Greeter

What's cracking?
What’s cracking?  (an actual response from TAG)

After winning the Adafruit/Hack a Day Trinket contest I had to decide what to do with my new Trinket microcontroller. A few weeks went by before I came across this universal foot switch. With plenty of space inside it was just begging to be part of a new Trinket project. One thing led to another and then I realized that I am terrible when it comes to over-thinking the headings and greetings to my emails and other messages .

Thus came the Trinket Auto Greeter, or TAG for short; it types out a random greeting from a list at the push of a button. The code has been made available on the project page for anyone to use or edit.