LiTeRo – The Little Telepresence Robot

Full build write up and videos here: CLICK HERE

LiTeRo, short for Little Telepresence Robot, is a DIY Raspberry Pi powered robot that can be controlled from any web browser from anywhere in the world. We wrote a single Python program in conjunction with a lightweight AJAX-style communication standard to achieve extremely low latencies with relatively few software dependencies.

LiTeRo is as a do-it-yourself project is designed to be exceptionally modular and customizable.  By default, it was designed to sport a wide angle Raspberry Pi camera, High-power IR navigation LED, 9-DOF IMU, 4Ah LiPo battery (with monitoring), and a roll-in charging dock. Also incorporated later in development was a method for verbal communication. That’s right, LiTeRo can speak nearly 50 languages with the eSpeak Text-To-Speech (TTS) engine! Other TTS software packages for the Raspberry Pi can also be implemented with relatively minor revisions to the Python program. The robot can also sport a number of 9g servos for basic environment manipulation or for self-righting maneuvers.

Screenshot form mobile device with debug values shown.

All this can be controlled from a client (or several) watching from LiTeRo’s self-hosted web-based user interface. No third party servers or hosts required!

The 3D printed LiTeRo platform can also be used as a general RC tank or for other projects that you can imagine.


2 thoughts on “LiTeRo – The Little Telepresence Robot”

  1. Hi.
    Any chance of a writeup on this?
    Looks great, would be very keen to build one – esp. given you’ve got a charging dock as well, making it perfect for remote home surveillance!
    TIA for any information

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